Welcome to my wonderland!

About me

Hello!! I'm Toby, the artist and designer behind mugcute.com. I'm a self-taught freelance abstract artist and graphic designer. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and currently based in UK. My work includes a variety of forms and mediums ranging from hand drawing, pastel painting, jigsaw puzzle design, digital illustration, phone cases, graphic design, pencil sketching, oil painting, portrait editing, image manipulation to realistic photo retouching. Check out my personal Instagram @lamtoby if you love creative photo manipulation and portrait editing.

I enjoy expressing my feelings and emotions through painting, and I believe no art is bad art. You can often find me wandering in the space between fantasy and reality with a cup of coffee in hand.

If you're reading this I hope something good happens to you today 🙂

Should you want to place a custom order for any photo editing request or digital illustration design, feel free to message me. More services can be found here.

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